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Our Core Strategy of High Quality and Growth stocks for the Long term with a Proven Investment Philosophy.

  • Stock Recommendation – 10-15 per year.
  • Time horizon – 6 months to 3 years.
  • Expected Stock Returns- 80-100% CAGR over 1-2 years.
  • Access to Stock Recommendations, Con calls, Query Desk, Monthly Newsletter, Dedicated Relationship Manager.
₹ 4999/-


  • Buy and Rotate Strategy beats Buy and Hold strategy.
  • Winners of Previous Bull Market will not lead the next bull market.
  • We only buy companies that are making 52 week Highs, rather than new 52 week lows.
  • Every Bull Market has a Different leader; we find the leader in every bull market and stick to it.
  • There is No Bull Market without Earnings Growth; we always buy sectors with high expected sustainable growth of more than 20% for next 3-5 years.


Take advantage of short term Market Volatility with our one of a kind Momentum Stocks.

  • Stock Recommendation – 10-20 per year.
  • Time horizon – 3 – 6 months or till uptrend remains
  • Expected Stock Upside-50-80% or till trailing stop is triggered.
  • Access to Stock Recommendation, Con calls, Momentum Query Desk, Dedicated Relationship Manager.
₹ 11999/-


  • We look at companies which can have accelerated earnings growth for few Quarters.
  • New Product, New Management, New Macro’s or Micro’s which give a positive Impact on the Sector.
  • Trending Stocks, Trending Earnings with a large Change.
  • Stock and Sectors which have established a strong uptrend and are hitting multiyear highs.
  • Momentum in the overall market - overall strength/breath of the market.

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Query Desk

Have a Query? Ask an Expert.

Get all your market related questions answered via our one of a kind query desk. We care for all our Stallion family members and adding value to your knowledge curve about markets is our priority. We discuss about stocks beyond our recommendations, various styles of investing, macro, micro and political events, improving your knowledge curve, eliminating all your investing doubts! We promise you, once part of our family, you will never want to leave it.


Stallion Asset Core Fund is our flagship fund, where we personally manage your capital for you. Our Goal is to Compound your capital at 18-25% for next decade. We focus on buying High Quality business with sustained earnings growth, balancing it with sector trends growing at 20% + helping you to deliver Alpha in your Portfolio.

We typically invest a large part of your Portfolio in companies that that better with Size concentrated in financials, Consumer, Pharma & Technology companies. We believe that these sectors have unique industry dynamics & would be backbone of Market Cap creation in India of 2030.

The 4 M's of our Portfolio Stocks would be Market Leadership, Management, Margin of Safety & Market Opportunity. Our Portfolio would typically have 15-20 Stocks in the Portfolio.

The minimum ticket size is 50 lakhs.


Amit Jeswani on ET Now, 31st December 2019

We talk a lot regarding our portfolio, how we outperformed the market and a year of conslidation with buisnesses we are seeing in India!

Amit Jeswani on ET Now 26th October, 2019

Amit Jeswani of Stallion Asset says, 'We will have Swachh Bharat bull market next'

Stallion Asset Founder Amit Jeswani on Bloomberg Quint 23rd October 2019.

With Diwali around the corner, we explain how we are positioning ourselves for the coming cycle!

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