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Stallion Asset Blog

Margin Expansion – One of the Strongest Levers of Value Creation

We as Investors always try to look for Value Creation Opportunities. Value Creation from a Fundamental Standpoint instead of Short Term/Manipulatio....

July 17,2023
Stallion Asset Blog

The Rules for Value Creation

McKinsey in August 2022, came out with a brilliant report postulating “Ten Rules of Growth” for an organization. The report articulates that Or....

June 27,2023
Stallion Asset Blog

As I turn 34 today!

As I turn 34 Today, I still don’t know if I should be happy that it is my Birthday or Sad that I am Growing Older & Time is Flying fast. When....

March 03,2023
Stallion Asset Blog

Confluence of Investor’s psychology and Market’s psychology – Part 1

We at Stallion never bet on Stocks, We are investing in a Process or Framework.  Framework or Process are repeatable Patterns seen in the market.....

September 19,2022
Stallion Asset Blog

The Great Indian Pivot

How Indian Market perceives “Pivot”?   Our Fundamental belief is that companies which are failing to grow their Core Business or have exha....

October 13,2021
Stallion Asset Blog

Why do we need to find the Best Stocks in a Bear Market

The following is an extract from our Monthly Newsletter from the Stallion Research Desk. We at Stallion have always spoken about stocks which don....

October 07,2021
Stallion Asset Blog

Analyzing the Winner Part – 1

  What has Worked in the Past will work in the Future, There is Nothing new in Investing & Markets, The Stock Name changes though the Patt....

June 14,2021
Stallion Asset Blog

The Stallion Process – Part 1

The Last Blog we wrote was Called “The Biggest Bubble” & we wrote that in May 2020. Click Here to Read that Blog, Well 5 months lat....

October 15,2020
Stallion Asset Blog

The Biggest Bubble

I am sure the Title of the Biggest Bubble Surprised you as we are in the Largest Recession since 1929 & it’s Crazy to Expect a Bubble! Th....

May 26,2020
Stallion Asset Blog

Most Important Question

Is it the right time to invest? Quality are the only stocks running… Will Midcap and small caps catch up by this year? This is probably the most ....

February 20,2020