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Stallion Asset Blog

Simplifying Value Investing

  A lot of Investors have lost money buying bad business’ at Cheap Valuation because of half information of Value Investing.  According....

November 06,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

The Nirmala Put

Bear Market Bottoms are Different from Bull Market tops, in a typical Bull Market top most stocks top out at the same time whereas in a Bear Market....

September 10,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

Small Cap Investing

The Small Cap Index is down 35% from the Top & is at similar levels that was seen 12 years ago in 2007. A lot of Smart money is looking at this....

August 19,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

Yes Bank? Say Yes or No

“Yes bank is the cheapest private bank & we find great Value in it” Said Every Research Report 6 months back. Why has suddenly Yes ....

June 21,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

Big is Better!

We at Stallion Asset strongly believe that there are 3 Ways to Learn Investing 1) Study of history of last 50 years (Experience of Market Cycles) 2....

March 18,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

The Scale up!

  For last 6 months I have spent considerable amount of Time in Understanding the Scaling up of a Business, what does it take for businessR....

January 10,2019
Stallion Asset Blog

A Valuation View

We at Stallion strongly believe that there are 3 ways to learn about Stock Market. 1) Study the history of last 50 years (Experience of Market Cycl....

November 23,2018
Stallion Asset Blog


HDFC AMC is coming out with an IPO at an Market cap of 23000 Crores whereas Profits in FY2018 was 722 Crores i.e. at a PE of 32. The Question is ar....

July 23,2018
Stallion Asset Blog

Indian Stock Market Myths

These are 4 Common Indian Stock Market Myths you should definitely know about.   Myth #1 -There is absolutely no doubt that Warren Buffet is ....

June 19,2018
Stallion Asset Blog

The Biggest Trend

“Kya Lagta hai Market”, Probably the most asked Question in the Indian Stock Market, but does it even matter? Most Fund Manager/Invest....

May 09,2018