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Stallion Asset Blog

Value Migration or Growth Story

I Feel Happy to write this blog after a long time, its been an exciting last 6 months at Stallion Asset where we met over 100+ managements and its ....

April 10,2018
Stallion Asset Blog

The Magic Multibagger-Part 2

Last year on the 7th of January, 2017 we Shared the Magic Multibagger Formula  and the performance has been amazing. These are Top 10 Stocks acc....

February 14,2018
Stallion Asset Blog

My Learnings from 2017

2017 was a great year for most Stock pickers and our core Stallion portfolio was up about 100% this year against 27% for Nifty. This was a year wh....

December 27,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Bitcoin- Its Always the Same

We at Stallion Asset are keen watcher of trends around the globe, though we completely missed the Bitcoin Trend even after it always met criteria&#....

December 04,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Reliance Nippon AMC

Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management company is coming up with an IPO, and the market seems super Excited about Financialization of Savings as a t....

October 23,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

PNB Housing Management Meet

Last Week we met the Management of PNB Housing and spend the entire day with the whole top management. We got amazing insights about the housing ....

October 04,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Indian Stock Market Secret Revealed

Today I want to Share a Secret with you. A Secret that will help you successfully Invest in the Market. Lately Markets have been in a strong up mov....

September 19,2017
Stallion Asset Blog


Last week we Attended the Analyst Meet of ICICI Lombard which will be India’s First listed General Insurance company. The trade here is simil....

September 12,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Shakti Pump – Management Meet

Last week I met the management of Shakti Pump, the stock has moved up 250% in last 6 months and there is a lot of hype as management has guided fo....

August 21,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Edelweiss Investor Day

Yesterday my team at Stallion Asset & I attended the Edelweiss Investor Day meet, and these are the 5 main take away’s from the meet 1)Th....

August 08,2017