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Stallion Asset Blog

Cochin Shipyard IPO

Yesterday i attended a CFA Conference where speaker was Midcap Moghul kenneth Andrade and his investment philosophy is pretty simple “If 80%....

July 31,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Real Estate – A Contrarian Bet

Stallion Asset is popular for catching long term trends but here is one sector where contrarian Investors can look at. What Doesn’t kill you ....

July 24,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Aditya Birla Financial

The Market is very excited with New NBFC Aditya Birla Financial Services (New Name – Aditya Birla Capital) coming on the block soon, with PI ....

July 03,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

AU Small Finance Bank IPO

The Sector in play for this bull market is undoubtedly the NBFC space and AU’s IPO at mind blowing valuations is just an confirmation of the....

June 27,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

CDSL: Research

CDSL is coming with an IPO and the Grey market is very excited about it and pricing it at a premium of 100-105/ Share, this is a listing gain of a ....

June 16,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

IDFC Bank – Value Pick

There is no doubt that financial Services and NBFC’s have been the leader of this Bull Market. IDFC is one of the newest bank and has recen....

June 08,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

Hudco Should You Subscribe

Hudco’s Grey Market Premium is 28-29 Per shares, Thats a Whopping 50% listing gain and is getting a lot of market participants Interested. Le....

May 08,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

The Emerging Trend

We at Stallion Asset look at a lot of Data to understand the Emerging Trends in the Corporate India. One way of Data Analysis is looking at Privat....

May 02,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

The Multibagger Sector

We at Stallion Asset use a lot of Data analytics to find the next trend. For those who understand the Market, know that post 2015, there has been a....

April 10,2017
Stallion Asset Blog

9100, Bull Trap or Breakout

From last 2 weeks, every morning my mailbox is filled with the same mail, is 9000-9100 the intermediate top or is it a big breakout. Today i am go....

March 20,2017