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Stallion Asset on ET Now | 23rd April 2018

Can organized real estate be the next trend in India and continue to grow for the forseeable future, our views.

Stallion Asset on Bloomberg Countdown | 13th April 2017

Why we believe the small cap and mid cap index will take atleast one year to hit new highs in 2018.

Stallion Asset on ET Now | 28th March 2018

How we look to catch future trends in 2018 and our views on the existing companies in our portfolio.

Stallion Asset on ET Now | 28th Febuary 2018

Why we expect the road construction basket to grow and how we are looking at current valutations in the markets.

Stallion Asset on Bloomberg #AskBQ | 30th January 2018

Our views on the upcoming budget and we take few questions on stocks the people like.

Stallion Asset on ET Now | 25th January 2018

Why we decided to come on cash during January and how we expect markets to play out in 2018.