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Why Momemtum Investing?

Momentum Investing works very well in Bull Markets and can deliver outsized returns though in Bear Markets the Risk Management rules are triggered which helps to retain the wealth acquired.

At Stallion Asset we always thrive to create alpha and this product is specially designed to catch alpha generating opportunities in a short period of time. This product is suitable for people who have limited capital and want to build capital by taking calculated Risk.

What is our Investment Philosophy?

We run a concentrated Stock Model Portfolio with Equal allocation in each stock. The Selection of Stock is based on Fundamental + Technical + Expectation of Growth parameters which are pre-defined and back tested.

How it Works

What are the Investment Patterns we are looking for?

We have a consistent investment philosophy for looking at large changes in the company, sector or macroeconomic enviroment which can result in accelerated earnings growth in our companies for next few quarters or years.

These changes need to be backed by either promoter buying or strong price action.

We would normally be investing in the following companies.

  • 1) Cyclical Stocks due to Supply-Demand Mismatch
  • 2) Accelerated Growth in Earnings for few Quarters
  • 3) New Product, New Management, New Macro’s or Micro’s which creates positive impact for a Stock or Sector
  • 4) Stock and Sectors which have established a strong uptrend and are hitting multiyear highs.

We believe that Investment is different from speculation, and we at Stallion Asset hate to speculate. We would be taking on calculated risks and will provide a proper rationale and a research report with logic and rational of why exactly we believe the company should do well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 1) What returns to expect?
  • The Returns would be extremely high if markets are in Bullish mode though during a bear market there would be limited loss as we have strict risk Management Rules. The downside is restricted to roughly 20%, though the upside is completely open. We intend to ride our winners and cut our losers.

  • 2) What’s the Time horizon of our Investments?
  • We intend to hold the Investment till the time a trend last. Trends normally last from 1 Month to 9 months.

  • 3) How Many Stock Ideas will I get in a year?
  • The History suggests it can be anywhere between 10-20 Stock Ideas, but we will always have a maximum of 5 stocks in the Portfolio.

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