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Dusshera – Where should you Invest?

October 10,2016 Stallion Asset Blog

Investors are confused about where should they Invest Money this Dusshera, and today we will help you make this decision.

Asset Classes Preferred by Investors:




4)Stallion Asset’s Model Portfolio

Below is an Image of Returns of Various Asset Classes in last 12 years Dusshera to Dusshera.


*Stallion Asset was not Registered with SEBI prior to 2015. Stallion Asset portfolio taken on End of Year Basis.


Gold and Nifty Allocation has been a Good choice for Investors in last decade.Gold had 40% lower volatility(Standard Deviation) than Nifty, and the highest Sharpe Ratio.


Stallion Assets model Portfolio has consistently beaten other asset classes and i am confident that 5 years from today, those who chose to opt our model portfolio services will be really impressed.

Below is a Snapshot of the Returns various asset classes  have delivered in that 12 year period and the best performing Asset Class.


Stallion Asset since its inception has been consistently beating other asset classes and should be the Ideal Choice for Investments.

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