India has Successfully done surgical Strikes in Pakistan Today. The Stock Market have become nervous and sold off sharply today. As I write this Sensex is down 480 points and Midcaps have fallen very sharply by 4%.

We at Stallion Strongly believe in Data. The First thing I did after i saw this news was to see what happened to Sensex when Kargil War happened, Below is the market of Sensex in 1999-2000.



Clearly Markets Rallied a lot after the Kargil War after an Initial Phase of Correction.

I have stated many times that we have two important factors that affect the market.


2)Emerging Markets (flow of funds)

We had shown you this chart  in the blog the most important thing.

The Below chart is of MSCI Emerging Market Index (Red) and BSE SENSEX Dollar 30; Clearly there is strong Correlation in them and over long period of time i strongly believe the correlation will remain.



Earnings don’t change with these Surgical strikes, Neither does it affect the Emerging Market Index.

Will i be a buyer today?

Well i have been a buyer today selectively. THERE IS A OLD SAYING THAT BUY WHEN THERE IS BLOOD IN THE MARKET, BUT WHAT IF ITS YOUR OWN BLOOD. Capital is limited and we all have to allocate it smartly.

Can markets fall Further?

In my last monthly letter we had pointed out that there may be a correction, markets were also showing sign of Tiredness at 9000 levels. I Personally believe that the downside is less than 5% from current levels in the market and we will continue the bull market.

The Most Hated Bull Market Over?

This Bull Market was the very Much hated by many market participants, as they couldn’t participate much. I believe we will see larger participants in the next run.

Conclusion – Today was an unknown Unknown and with every crisis comes an opportunity. I strongly believe that those who haven’t Invested, or have invested in the wrong stories should look at Premium services Stallion Asset Offers. I am very confident of our ability to consistently beat the market. Click Here

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