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  1. pavan pandet

    just to update you (and i think being a ex employee i can put better light on satin than others)-

    1. Satin credit has a history of showing fake data and fund transfer for personal business of CMD. they show fake loan and branch to show good balance sheet so that they can receive more money form investors and banks. RBI and SEBI are informed and they have initiated some inquiry also.
    2. Satin credit CMD run a illegal and non approved chit fund company which employee of satin and other companies of CMD manage
    3. Satin collected deposits for its another company ujala credit cooperative society by forcing the customers of satin care that they willget loan only if theyy open some deposit in ujala credit
    4. the employee culture of satin care is worst. No management culture.
    5. There are so many other frauds satin care management is doing which i will open time to time

    • Amit Jeswani

      We have Exited Satin post Demonetization

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